Integrate Eclipse with external Maven

Posted By: Matpal - June 06, 2017
Often you get this problem that your maven is working from command line but not from eclipse. One possible reason of this problem is - eclipse uses embedded maven with its m2e (Maven to eclipse) plugin. Hence your local settings doesn't apply to eclipse. Here is the way to integrate maven with eclipse-

Here are few assumption of this tutorial -

1. Maven is installed in your drive
2. M2_HOME is setup as your environment variable

1. Step one - Set your Maven installation path (Uncheck embedded Maven)

Go to Window-> Preferences->Maven->Installations
Uncheck  embedded maven
Click on Add
And browse your local maven installation path here.

2. Step 2- Change maven user settings

Go to Window-> Preferences->Maven->User Settings
Give your user settings file path here

3. Step 3 - Update VM argument

Go to Window->Preferences->JAVA->Installed JREs

Select your JRE

Add following to your "Add default VM arguments "



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