POG -PHP Code generator

Posted By: Matpal - March 14, 2011
PHP object generator is a tool that generates clean PHP code for programmers. PHP object generator or POG is an open source product, that can generate code for PHP4 and PHP5 applications.

There are several key features of this product some of them are-

  • Generates clean & tested code 
  • Generates CRUD methods 
  • Generates setup file 
  • Generates parent-child relations 
  • Generates Setup file 
  • Compatible with PHP4 & PHP5 
  • Compatible with PDO 
  • Automatic data encoding 
  • Free Developer SOAP API 
  • Free for personal use 
  • Free for commercial use 
  • Open Source     
     Find more information from  http://www.phpobjectgenerator.com/index2.php


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